{laptops not for laps}

since i began blogging three years ago, i have been spending an exorbitant amount of time on my laptop. sometimes three to four hours a night. most times i would have a pillow underneath to elevate it, but i could still feel heat on my legs. i've heard claims of radiation and cancer,
so i wanted to know...
does the heat from my laptop have any negative effects?

answer: yes.

while it is highly unlikely to develop cancer from laptops (especially because it is easily preventable), prolonged and repeated exposure to the heat can cause a mottled, sponge-looking skin discoloration called erythema ab igne, or toasted skin syndrome (google it for images). reported cases say the subjects used their laptops on their laps three to six hours a day for several months. in mild cases, simply staying away from the heat source will help the skin to heal over time, but in severe cases, the skin damage is irreversible.

males can experience lower sperm count and even infertility as a result of repeated exposure to heat in the scrotum area.

keep in mind this 'heat source' can also include:
heating pads
(repeated use for chronic pain)
(think bakery workers)
portable heaters
(space heaters under your desk)

despite its name, laptops are not meant to be used on your lap. (note that some companies have begun to call theirs notebooks instead of laptops). overall, your laptop is safe to use. take precautions by placing it on a desk or table and sit at least 20 cm away. if you have to place it on your lap, get up and take a break every 15-20 minutes, or place a cushion of at least 6"
on your lap.

source source source
photo: random google search

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