{dry erase board: quick tip}

we have a dry-erase calendar in our kitchen to help keep us organized. appointments, birthdays, events, sports practices and games, holidays, and school breaks are all written down. but at the end of each month, i'm left with the arduous task of erasing everything and setting up the new month. supposed to be easy, right? wrong. over time, i found myself struggling to get those older marks off the board; my paper towel just didn't work anymore. i knew there had to be an easier way (other than buying the actual board cleaner), but i was too lazy to find out.
when i ran out of 'white' space, i knew it was finally time to ask, how do you remove those old marker stains from your
dry-erase board?

(photo: random google search)

answer: simply re-draw over the stains
with a dry-erase marker, then wipe.
works like a charm. i can't believe i didn't try this sooner. this also works on permanent ink marks.
(who used the sharpie?!)

there are many other ways to remove stains, but based on ease and likelihood of having these around the house,
here's a few more methods:

- any cheap brand hand sanitizer
- white toothpaste
-vinegar & water

you can see the complete list here.

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