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summer brings lots of fruits to the table.
as we chow down on these juicy and refreshing fruits, i am reminded of the dirty dozen which i wrote about last year. every year, the environmental working group (ewg) tests for pesticide residue on produce and compiles a list of the most and least contaminated fruits and vegetables.

so i wanted to know...what's on the dirty dozen list for 2013?

here's 2013s dirty dozen:
(buy organic when possible)

1) apples
2) celery
3) cherry tomatoes
4) cucumbers
5) grapes
6) hot peppers
7) nectarines - imported
8) peaches
9) potatoes
10) spinach
11) strawberries
12) sweet bell peppers

here's 2013s clean 15:
(save money on these, no need to buy organic)

1) asparagus
2) avocado
3) cabbage
4) cantaloupe
5) sweet corn
6) eggplant
7) grapefruit
8) kiwi
9) mangoes
10) mushrooms
11) onions
12) papayas
13) pineapples
14) sweet peas - frozen
15) sweet potatoes

you can check out last year's list here.


  1. this is such a helpful post! thanks for sharing!

  2. Muchas gracias, muy interesante( belsyfashionblogspot.com)


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