{the dinner party}

recently, i've been attending a lot of dinner parties, and
i'm always faced with the question of what to bring.
after researching the web for etiquette and ideas,
here's five ideas i love:

photo/source: gq.com
top shelf olive oil
a top shelf olive oil or flavored oil is something your host probably wouldn't buy for themselves but will greatly appreciate.

here are some names that kept coming up:
McEvoy Ranch
A L'Olivier

photo/source: martha stewart
gourmet coffee
a bag of good quality beans + breakfast pastries is something the host/hostess can enjoy the morning after.

two of my favorites:
koko krater coffee roasters kona peaberry (roasted locally)
starbucks coffee caffe verona

photo: random google search
vintage books
a vintage cookbook or unique book about a hobby they love.

try this site:
Best-selling out-of-print books

photo: random bing search / source: la times
olives + almonds
nice table olives + marcona almonds can be set out for guests in the event the host is running behind.

here's a couple with pretty packaging:
1880 Marcona Almonds
Superior Nut Company Gift Tin

dog treats
is there a pampered pooch in the house? bring treats for the dog. (or if they have kids, a little something for them.)

these have cute packaging perfect for gift giving:
Orvis Comfort-Food Treats
Polka Dog Bakery Meatlover's Can

*     *     *
of course, these take some planning/ordering ahead. wine is perfectly fine for those last minute get togethers. i usually go with a red in the $25 - $40 range. what are your thoughts? do you have any unique ideas? 


  1. These are great ideas, even for holiday gifts! I love the idea of bringing olive oil or coffee rather than a bottle of wine. I am not very good at picking nicer wines since when I do drink I am happy with a $6 bottle, so this is something that is so much more personal and can enjoyed often. I love gifts like that!

    xo Teresa

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