{tipping: the owner}

while researching tipping etiquette, i was surprised at the many different views people have on this subject. there are some who tip for everything and some who think tipping is getting out of hand with tip jars popping up everywhere. discussing all the different situations in which we can/should/don't tip would be quite lengthy, so i'll break it down into morsels. a question that i hear all the time is,
do you tip the owner of a hair salon?
answer: yes.

old thinking was, no, because the owner already gets the profits of the salon. but nowadays, people are tipping owners the standard 15-20% when he/she provides the service, and the owners are accepting the tips. in the event that they don't, thank them for a wonderful job and consider passing your tip on to assistants who may have helped you.

(i always say...when in doubt, tip!)

what are your experiences with or thoughts on this?

photo: random google search


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